Nude Pumps

{image a la We Heart It}

I am the last person on earth to own a closet without nude pumps.  My black heels walk in a sea of blushes and nudes.  While I was sleeping, nude pumps became the new black pumps … or something like that.  And Brittany, over at Try It On Me, reminded me that I must must jump on the nude bandwagon.  But I promise you, I have looked.  It’s because I have no luck.  (All I hear is Cher yelling that to Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck.)

And also, while I’m on my soapbox, the world’s designers must have attended some conference wherein they all agreed, “Da, all nude pumps will have a rounded toe!”  (Yes, my imaginary designers are all Eastern European – don’t ask me why.)  But I look awful in a rounded toe.  I’m actually shocked that round-toed pumps flatter anyone at all.  I won’t say the word, but those shoes make it appear (and I stress this word) as though I have (gulp) a word that rhymes with ankles.  Yeah, that didn’t help … CANKLES.  Round-toed pumps are the devil.  I thought nude heels were supposed to elongate the leg. And all winter I couldn’t very well rock a peep toe.  So what is a girl to do?  Go without the leg-hating nude pumps, that’s what.

But now it’s Spring, and I think it’s time.  Do better nude pumps exist?

  1. Kelsi Dagger Linzy, $119
  3. VINCE CAMUTO : MILESY 2, $120



  1. To date, I do not own a pair of Nude Pumps…. and now I want them!! Thank you for the inspiration and excuse to go shopping!

  2. Tierney


    I tried to find you a few less rounded toe nude pumps. You’re definitely on the right track with the peeptoes…

    Chinese Laundry’s Honey Dew Pump has a more pointed toe. The line has a few other pointy toe nudes.

    Sam Edelman’s Lorissa Shoe (totally punk rock.)–Sam also has a few other good options.

    Honestly though–the higher your heel, the less canklely you will potentially look. TRUST ME.

    If you need a second opinion though, take a picture and send it to me. I am very nice, but honest.


  3. Ha! So true. I just splurged on a pair of nude pumps and am asking myself “where have they been all my life?”

  4. Would you believe that I don’t own nude pumps?

    I feel shamed, though this post just made me wish for them more!


  5. I have Steve Maddens nude pumps and I love them! They go with EVERYTHING! Great picks!!

  6. Alissa

    I’m in love with Nude pumps. I think they do enlongate legs – even the stumpiest! I’m a big fan of the Kelsey Dagger ones you’ve posted…but I just bought a pair of Steve Madden pumps in a lavendar/blush tone that are AMAZING as well. They flatter those of us with pasty white skin (hey, I live in Ohio) better than black heels!

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