Industrial Kitchen Bins

{images a la Country Living; found via Oh, Hello Friend}

I am completely taken with these perforated tin kitchen bins (actually, many of these were originally perforated metal wire gym baskets). The shelves of perfectly organized metal bins looks both vintage and systematic. Plus the industrial look always suits a kitchen well. The well-stocked shelves are also a great alternative to the traditional hutch. Even the numbers on the shelves look chic. I wonder if I could convince my local hardware store or high school gym to sell me their actual shelves? Probably not.

{images on the left a la Hudson Goods Blog, images on the right a la Sadie Olive’s Shop, and Amsuarezfl’s Shop}



  1. Carrie

    this is fantastic. and so is your blog design. give a sister a hand…who can i talk to? i need help. capital H.


  2. Hi there. I love these old lockers/bins. Do you know where I could find something similar?



    • Lexi

      Your best bet is garage sales or even ebay or etsy! Happy hunting!

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