Dreaming In Coachella

With everyone abuzz about the upcoming Coachella festivities, I can’t help but sigh and wish that I was camping (in a Holiday Inn) for three music-fueled days in sunny California.  Instead, I’m dreaming in feathers, moccasins, floral prints, lace, and worn suede … behind a laptop.

{images a la California Closet; via oraclefoxplanetbluesomethingsgoneawry, Gordon Von Steiner}



  1. I wish I were there too! Sounds Amazing! The pictures are wonderful! Makes me want to learn guitar and fray my cut offs!

  2. Leia

    I’m not a camping girl but I do love to look at the pictures from behind my laptop! 😉

  3. Love these photos! Wish I went to coachwood! I was tempted this year:)

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