Bon Voyage

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Spring Break here I come.  I have nominated myself the recipient of a much-earned vacation.  I promise to try to blog as much as possible … because let’s face it, I never run out of things to babble on about.  I’m hoping to tan, practice my photography skills (editorial photos of feet and wrists, here I come!), eat, gym, eat again, and all-around-relax.

And while I’m on the subject of vaca [vay-cay? (sp)], I am the world’s worst packer.  I pace my closet – all two-and-a-half feet – and then stuff every single article of clothing into my luggage.  I have three pairs of boots in my suitcase right now … I’m going on a Caribbean cruise.  This may or may not be practical footwear.  I have two ballet flats.  Two sandals – flip flops don’t count as sandals.  Three pairs of heels and I am concerned this is entirely inadequate.  Okay no more listing – this list is making me feel like I should take out a pair of shoes, and I just don’t want to.  I like my shoes, and clutches, and dresses, and tights, and jeans, and stretch pants (when the vacation jeans get too tight), and cardigans, and, and, and.

Practical bloggers lay out perfect outfit combinations and photograph their choices for prosperity and kudos.

I give you Exhibit A (a la Lori’s Shoe Blog):

I’m tired already.  I laid on my luggage and got it closed.  I consider this packing success.  (Organization is overrated.)




  1. I’m a crazy over packer myself. I can’t help it. I always fear that I won’t have exactly what I need when I want it 🙂

  2. andrea

    girl i love you! your writings are fabulous and so… so… YES!

  3. Lyssa B.

    Enjoy your time!! xxoo

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