1. love the inspiraitonal picture, I miss kindergarten too, especially the nap times, and the snack times, I don’t get enough of that these days!

  2. Melissa

    Those shoes are amazing

  3. Aww..those are such a great inspirations. I want to try the lipstick-nailpolish combination..Its brilliant! Wish you a relaxing weekend, sweetie

  4. Kate

    Bottom-right = Perfect Lips.

  5. You have a beautiful blog! Sometimes you need something as simple as that chalk colored rainbow to lift you up. Lovely inspiration board!

  6. Kindergarten days can give us so much inspiration. I love that black hair bow – so chic and modern

  7. *some days* you want to climb back into bed?

    I think EVERY DAY I feel tempted to return to that warm cosiness!! I love your pciture. I want to get busy with chalks now!!


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