Whoopie Pie Wars

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Because our wedding was in Maine, and because like any good Mainer (with a Florida driver’s license) we gave whoopie pies and cartons of milk as favors (one of many many favors – me = overboard), I couldn’t resist reporting on the current Whoopie Pie woes at issue in Maine.

Maine’s legislators are up in arms over the sweet treats.  Some Maine law makers are proposing to adopt the frosting-filled cake sandwich as Maine’s official state dessert.  Sweet, right?  Not so, says State Representative, Donald Pilon, who claims the snack is little more than a “frosting delivery vehicle,” according to The Boston Globe.  And this is bad, because?

“At a time when 31.3 per cent of Maine’s children are considered overweight or obese, do we want to glorify a dessert that lists lard as its primary ingredient?” Pilon said, suggesting a “healthier” alternative would be to adopt wild blueberry pie.

Yeah, you know, because PIE is totally good for you.

Leave whoopie alone!

And in case you’re interested in making whoopie … without lard (note to self:  this just keeps getting worse), check out this awesomely awesome recipe for whoopie pies – both traditional and just off the beaten path.


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  1. Rhodi

    Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese frosting is my favorite Whoopie Pie….

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