The Scarab Beetle

My perfect friend/bridesmaid/life-coach, Andy, sent me the sweetest/cheeky-est Valentine’s Day gift. I fell in love, and she respectively fell in love, with Melissa Loschy‘s designs when I had Melissa create knuckle rings for myself (white, of course) and all of my bridesmaids.

This gift was a tad different, however. Andy sent me a black leather cuff emblazoned with a giant gold scarab beetle (more commonly known as the “dung beetle”). Half creepy, half awesome, I took an immediate liking to the little guy. [For a similar look, check out the Golden Scarab Cuff Bracelet by Melissa Loschy.]

So I did my fashion legwork and found out that Bottega Veneta released a line of scarab beetle jewelry a few months back. And scarab beetles are not at all uncommon in high fashion. Apparently the oldest scarab beetle fossil dates back 40 million years; and not only were they considered sacred in ancient Egypt, they were revered in China and South America as well. Most notably, Egyptian royals wore gold likings of scarab beetles to represent the sun god, Ra.

Here I am looking just like Cleopatra in my new present … (please disregard my pasty, pasty skin)

From Bottega Veneta’s Fall Collection, editorial images from Grey Magazine; via Honestly WTF:

{Metallic Green Sterling Silver Scarab Beetle Wrap Ring $360, Metallic Green Sterling Silver Scarab Beetle Bangle $390, Oxidized Sterling Silver Scarab Beetle Ring $330}



  1. Cheryl Medeiros

    Hi there, what an amazing cuff!! She does have some really great jewelery! and yes I LOVE the BB Dakota coat! I lived in Tampa for many years so I definitely understand your bum out!! Now that I’m living in the midwest I have the opposite problem. It’s not thick/warm enough! 🙂 but I don’t care, I still wear it all the time! p.s. LOVE YOUR BLOG! Going to follow you right now xx

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