Stepping Into A Stylist's Living Room

I was so taken by this Rachel Zoe interview on SNOOP, that I had to share. The home Rachel Zoe (stylist to the stars), shares with her husband, Roger Berman, is exactly what you would expect/dream/hope it would be: clean, minimalist, with a touch of bohemian.

‘My work life is really busy so this is my oasis where I can hang out with my husband.’ says Rachel. ‘We liked the idea to make the house feel like we were in a luxury hotel or spa which had some kind of Zen quality.’

In the interview, Zoe carefully describes the creature comforts of her home, the little design elements that she relishes in, even her gorgeous Missoni throw – ‘it’s about having that one thing that makes you feel fabulous – from artwork to a sumptuous throw to spread across your bed.’

But what really struck me as, hmmm, let’s call it “the fashion panache,” were the clothes. Zoe herself is inextricably linked with her fashion. She is the curator of those beautiful celebrities who glide across the red carpets – she orchestrates every detail. (By the way, if you have never afforded yourself the luxury of watching an episode of The Zoe Project on Bravo, do it.)

Zoe’s perfect living room, blank white Fendi sofa and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, her crisp bedroom, they are interrupted every so often with racks of couture gowns in every color, sky high stilettos, luxe furs and feathers, handfuls of jewels and metals. Now that’s couture living.

‘I buy pieces in my home that I will love for a long time. However, what changes my interiors is the gowns that arrive for the Grammy’s and the Oscars. The dresses and accessories transform the mood with their colours, patterns, sparkle, fabrics and glamour.’

‘My poor husband has gone to sleep and woken up with gowns, furs, bags, clutches and shoes for fifteen years.’

Isn’t it just every girls dream to wake up surrounded by racks of haute couture?

{Interview with Rachel Zoe by Interior Designer and Editor, Amanda Talbot; Photography by Richard Powers}



  1. Oh yes…Its a dream for sure and those gowns look so amazing. Have a lovely Monday

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