Pinterest Envy

I just requested to be INVITED to Pinterest and I received an e-mail letting me know that I have been put on the waiting list.  Gasp.  I’m having flashbacks to bad first days in junior high.  Why can’t I sit at the pretty inspiration board lunch table?

You see, I have been living in a dark place (the equivalent of the “girls who read books at the lunch table” lunch table), and I had no idea such a fun website existed.  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard of sorts.  It’s a place to organize all of the things you come across online that you love.  Artists mark photos and pieces they feel inspired by, designers pin pictures of rooms that give them ideas, chefs pin recipes/foodie pictures/etc., bloggers take note of all that they want to gush about, and shoppers make lists and save pennies.  For example, check out what Lovely Indeed’s, Chelsea, has on her Pinterest birthday wish list.

{image a la Lovely Indeed}

Why Pinterest is a potential addiction:  because it’s not only the perfect way to organize the things you come across on the great wide web, but you can also look for inspiration on others’ boards.  Some of my favorite bloggers are on Pinterest (Oh pleeeease let me sit at the lunch table!)  Basically, Pinterest is a tidy  way to organize your online finds, without having a billion bookmarks in your favorites folder.



  1. whitney

    I’m on the waiting list too! Gah! It makes me want it more.

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