Learning How To Quilt

I happily refer to myself as a junk crafter. More commonly known as a crafter who relies heavily on glue (in all forms), safety pins, and duck tape. My mom and sister are fabulous sewers/quilters. Though they offer plenty of moral support, they are so far advanced, I doubt I’ll ever catch up. I purchased my first sewing machine ever last month, mostly because I realized that grown-up lawyers (ehh, probably all lawyers) don’t tear off sleeves of blouses and safety pin tutus to t-shirts, and call it couture.

And my attempt at sewing begins. I am going to endeavor to document my trials and tribulations alongside my pretty new sewing machine (blasted thing!) and a whole lot of pretty fabric (because if you can’t incorporate shopping – where’s the fun?)

I am all signed up for a Virtual Quilt Class, so here goes.

I appreciate all of the help (and support) I can get!

Meet my baby …

{images a la My Crummy Camera}


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  1. Oh wow wow wow, I want your fabric stash, so many neatly folded piles of pretty fabric all in one place, and all yours!

    I look forward to reading about your forays into sewing, and may just follow your example and join a virtual quilting class…

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