Layouts and New Jeffrey Campbells

{Images a la Brooklyn Blonde; via I Love Wild Fox Blog}

I spotted these great layout pictures today and had to babble on about them.  I have a soft spot for layout photos – my own made-up term for those pictures you take of your outfit laid out all beautifully on the bed.  Sure, you get a much better picture of the outfit ON the model, but let’s face it, at 5’2, I’m no model.  And so I adopt the layout photo.  But I digress, because this layout is not mine.  I just love it.

The powder blue dress and undergarments – so sweet.

The pink suede boots – none other than Jeffrey Campbell.  The JC Meeker bootie comes in 7 jaw-dropping colors and at $154.95 – not completely offensive to my wallet.  And if reviews are telling, survey says: buy two.

And (cue drumroll) in the second photo, I spy the cream Alexander Wang Rocco with ROSE GOLD DETAIL!  I die.



  1. Rose gold is the prettiest color ever and will always be my favorite metal! The muted colors here are quite beautiful, for sure.

  2. kanamegan

    you really need to find a way to get that bag!! asap!!

    • I wish I could find a reasonable knock-off, but so far, no luck. 🙁

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