Knit Bow Headband

{image a la ASOS}

My obsession began a few weeks ago when I spotted Angel on Holly’s World (uhh, I was just skipping through the channels, right) wearing a bright pink knit bow headwarmer/headband.  It was love at hot pink.  If you can’t decorate with pink [see earlier post on the “marital compromise”], no one is going to stop you from wearing it like a maniac.  Plus, I’m a sucker for crochet.  I can’t create a darned thing with sticks and yarn, but I’m happy to oblige fellow able crafters by buying.

And of course, I am strategically bringing back the 80s, one tacky accessory at a time.  Headwarmers – CHECK.

How sweet are these Lowie Bow Headbands at ASOS?  By the way, Lowie makes nothing but handmade ethical clothing and accessories – go you!

Jarg0n, Little Maughan, and Emmadime also make adorable versions of the knit bow.

Another successful shopping justification, brought to you by moi!


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