In Search of a Roof Or a Bird House

I’m trying to arrange the timing of my adulthood plunge, whether it’s the chicken or the egg that came first; whether it’s that I passed the twenties mid-marker or that I got married.  Regardless of the order, I have become a regular Holly Homemaker, and I’m terrified.  I dream of a lawn (I killed my first apartment plant this week), I long for a garage (I lost my car in our 3-story garage AGAIN), I desperately want a mailbox (because nothing fits in a tiny metal cubby … nothing.)

As usual, my rant has little and maybe nothing to do with my original post … I really just like these pretty roof birdhouses.  But the roof comes before the birdhouse; this I know for sure.

{klaas kuiken birdhouse}

{images found a la Express-O}



  1. Kathryn

    Those roof bird houses are so neat. What a cool idea!

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