Vintaged White Wash

{all images a la modern hepburn}

Whitewash is a very low cost type of paint made from slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) and chalk (whiting).  When the paint initially dries it is uncured, and has almost no strength. It takes up to a few days, depending on climate, to harden.  Whitewash is used on both indoor and outdoor projects and was most typically used on farm houses and to protect fruit trees from sunscaid.

Check out this great DIY on how to whitewash wood furniture at home.



  1. kanamegan

    I am officially addicted to your blog. I spent all of yesterday reading and catching up with your blog! I am so happy I found it. I am newly married (6 months) in love with shoes, cute clothes and nail polish, want to learn to sew, and I feel like I found a new friend to talk about it all with! <3 <3

    • I can’t tell you how happy this comment makes me! Thank you SO much for the support. Sometimes when I blog I worry I am just babbling to myself. Congrats on the marriage! How was it? Do you miss it every day? I loved scouring for wedding ideas and am so grateful that this blog gives me an excuse to continue to obsess. Keep reading, keep commenting, and welcome to my best friend club!!

      • kanamegan

        I never knew that I could have so much fun reading someone’s blog! I love your style! I only wish I found your blog when I was planning my wedding. It turned out beautifully and I loved planning it. I am so happy my sister is next so I can help plan hers next! Congrats on your marriage too! Your hubby sounds amazing. I’m loving the valentines present.
        I am now starting to indulge in ideas for my dream home. Although it will be a few years before we build ours (we are living in NZ for grad school), your blog really gets me dreaming and I love it- oh! closets filled with shoes, bookshelves by the bed, soft duvets and pillows, paint on the ceiling. I cant wait.
        I will most definitely keep reading and I hope you never tire of this wonderful best friend club!

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