Happy V-Day To Me!

This is too exciting not to share … (well, exciting in my tiny world that is.)

In addition to flowers EVERYWHERE (including rose petals in our apartment hallway – yeah, our neighbors definitely hate us now), boxes of sugar-free chocolates, and strawberries hand-dipped by the hubs himself in sugar-free dark chocolate, brand new copies of Despicable Me (see it now), the new Iron & Wine album, and the 20th Anniversary Edition Say Anything; my wonderful hubby made me the happiest girl in the world and bought me the Anthropologie Crowned Crane Duvet Cover and Euro Shams (on sale!)  Yes, the very same bed set I have been dying for since year one.

Somehow of course, these purchases have turned into new purchases – because apparently Euro Shams require Euro Sham pillow inserts.  And our bed is high so we went with the King-sized duvet coverlet, necessitating, yep, you’ve got it, a King-sized duvet insert.  Bed, Bath, & Beyond loves us.

{Anthropologie Crowned Crane Bedding}

Side note:  mild panic has set in because I am just now realizing that I can get more excited about new bedding than clothing, shoes, toys.  This is just terrifying.

Thankfully, I have Despicable Me on repeat, and for 95 blissful minutes (the going cartoon rate), I can pretend I’m 5 again.  Happiness.




  1. Emily

    How funny, I just watched Despicable Me tonight with my boyfriend…it was soooo cute!
    p.s. LOVE that bedding!

  2. joAnn

    yay for the bedding — so pretty! omg, i’ve never seen despicable me but i’ve watched this clip over and over again…it’s ADORABLE!

    hope you had a wonderful vday 🙂 thanks for your sweet comments today — happy to have you on my blogroll..i love your blog!

    joAnn @ http://idratherbeshopping.wordpress.com

  3. Aunt Sheree

    This bed looks like your wedding dress. Beautiful!

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