DIY Love Notes Piñata

Ruffled featured the DIY Love Notes Piñata back in February of 2010, and this year, they featured a Bride and Groom who made a perfect replica.

Cortnie from Lollipop Events & Designs explains how to recreate this darling wedding piñata with “love notes” (more commonly known as sentimental papermâché … hey, it beats making a papermâché globe in the fifth grade):

Blow up balloon (oversized balloons work best), soak newspaper strips in water and glue, then cover the balloon in them. After the balloon dries, cover it in the cut music sheets. Pop the balloon and cut a small section to fill up with the love ‘notes’. Reattach the cut piece and cover it with the music sheet strips.



  1. this is so sweet – absolutely love it!

    ps – saw your comment on my blog. In my post, i actually link to where to buy the tassels and chain (all at one place.) totally worth ordering the supplies online, much easier!

    have a wonderful week.
    xx grace

  2. This is such a creative idea, I am getting married this summer, and this is just one of the ideas I might use if you don’t mind!

  3. Kate

    What a cute idea! It’s so simple and looks so great.


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