I dream of purses the way normal people dream of great treks, lizards, being chased, and falling (yep, I looked it up – those are the most common dreams.  I’m just that cool.)

The clutch has long been a staple in a woman’s dress-up ensemble.  Only the necessities.  Because apparently, at a big event – you only need the essentials.  Skinny dress – skinny purse.  And now – the horror – clutches are becoming a daytime thing.  So what can you fit into a clutch?  Lipstick, powder, cell phone, money, credit cards, keys … wait, I’m out of room? (Check out what I normally stuff into my purse.)  Well this isn’t going to work.  Then there is the whole problem of retain-ability.  How does one hold on to a purse without a handle?  And by your second skinny girl martini, are you remembering that clutch?  This is so not clutch.

The moral of the story:  I just can’t go strapless.

{all images a la Honestly WTF}



  1. Melissa

    I agree!

  2. Rhodi

    Love it!

  3. Sheryl

    Your so talented! I recently went to an afternoon lunch and didn’t want to bring my big everyday purse and realized I needed a new small bag. A clutch is what i needed! Thanks for the blog. I like the black clutch in the top picture.

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