Black Caviar Nails

Via Refinery 29:

We’ve seen plenty of darkly hued nails at Fashion Week so far, but at Cushnie et Och’s show, Dashing Diva’s celebrity nail technician, Pattie Yankee, took things to the next dimension—literally. Using seed beads sourced from the fall collection, she whipped up black, shimmering, decadent nail art that looked like it was just dipped in a vat of caviar. Give it a shot with these four steps:

  1. Apply 2 coats of Dashing Diva’s Limo Service Polish
  2. Apply nail glue all over the nail
  3. Dip nails into black seed beads
  4. Sprinkle with black glitter
  5. Apply and activator spray to adhere

Dashing Diva Nail Polish in Limo Service, $8, available at Dashing Diva

{image a la after drk}

Image a la Refinery 29; via Ann Lawlor



  1. Tierney

    Oooooh I should try that. My parents are so old-school though, and are appalled when I paint my nails anything but red or pink. SIGH MOMMIES AND DADDIES.

    In other news, I tagged you for a YAY WE’RE FRIENDS AND DO SURVEYS thing. So go do it so I can read your answers. Kthanks.

  2. My vote is for ruby red slippers nails – red seed beads and glitter. Very conservative. 🙂

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