Big Pink, South Beach

South Beach’s Big Pink boasts an enormous menu and an even bigger celebrity following.

Case in point:

Famous for buckets of fries and mini corn dogs, and featuring a huge TV Dinner served on a metal tray (everything from salisbury steak, to country fried chicken, to tacos – and of course, dessert), Big Pink seriously knows home cooking. And with pepto pink bugs driving around the beach, delivery is a cinch.

But I’m not there for the buckets of fried (generally speaking); I’m on the celebrity hunt. All of my Miami peers “bump into” Ludacris, Jennifer Lopez, Sean Combs (P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, whatever his name is), T.I., any number of Kardashians. I’m jealous.

Oh yeah, and the name helms the word “pink” – I had to go.

Sadly, I have never spotted a celebrity there … ever. Boo. But gawd, that food is good.

{all images a la my fabulous and talented sistah, Rowan Your Boat}


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  1. Aunt Sheree

    You should send this to Big Pink…..maybe we could get a free diet coke

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