The Arm Carry (a.k.a., Arm Candy)

Fashionable women across the pages of Vogue, US Weekly, and so on, carry their purse-of-the-moment in the crook of their arm.  And oh, how comfortable they look.  But have you ever tried actually wearing a top handle tote on your forearm?  I mean, really tried.

Step 1 – Fill said purse with your favorite nonsense … cell phone, wallet, keys (all unnecessarily large), cosmetic pouch (or lip gloss and powder if you’re a minimalist – or just plain smart), sunglass case (I refuse to ding my Balenciagas), first aid kit (okay, I’m a freak – but guess who has the band-aids/eye drops/lozenge … I do!  I do!), nail file (necessary),pen and checkbook (I like to diversify), and candy (fat free, duh.)

Step 2 – Hold glam purse chic-ly on forearm.

Step 3 – Move handles to crook of arm to alleviate some of the pain.

Step 4 – Walk two minutes.

Step 5 – Throw stupid couture handbag at husband and storm away.

VIA: Fashionising {images a la Penelope and Coco}



  1. I like your post! Somedays I give up trying to wear my purse like that and move it to the shoulder! The bag at the bottom is ah-dorable!

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