That Perfect Market: Epicure Miami Beach

Here in Miami, perfect food markets are few and far between.  The closest we get to a specialty market is Whole Foods – which by the way, was HUGE, when they first made their may to our shopping centers a few years ago.  But one Miami tradition that has continued to shine, Epicure Market.  Since 1945, this perfect little food market has had the best of meats, produce, a fab bakery, and prepared foods.

I go into Epicure with a clear head and a budget.  Though completely pricey, a container with an Epicure label does not sit in your refrigerator half empty, ever.  If you are ever in Miami Beach, you must go to Epicure – try the tuna and the matzoh ball soup.  You can thank me later.

{All images a la my fabulous sister, Rowan}



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