Something Else

I am a dress fiend.  I clearly fancy myself a close relative of Blair Waldorf, because I choose, day in and day out, to wear the dress with tights.  I wear pants, and it’s just not the same.  I nearly detest jeans.  It’s a problem.

I am particularly fond of sweet A-line dresses.  The cut suits me and hides certain imperfections (ahem – I am talking to you back there.)  Today, I stumbled across this adorable little brand:  Something Else.  And the dresses really are something else.  Not too girly; perhaps borderline on edgy.  I like.

Per the BrandSomething Else is a culmination of high fashion and street edge, offering beautiful fabrication and prints in wearable yet directional pieces for girls who are experimental with their style.

I am SO edgy now.

Something Else Stellar Silk Drape Dress, Tobi

I am also drooling over the Something Else Mystic Triangle Hook and Eye Dress and the Something Else Panel Dress.



  1. Tierney


    And, I define my personal style as “Dita Von Teese meets Blair Waldorf”.

    Even when it’s blizzarding outside, I stubbornly wear dresses and stockings.

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