pom poms and paper lanterns

Pom Poms and paper lanterns have been popping up in weddings and events for several seasons now, but some clever design gurus are taking Pom Pom decorating a step further.  Some crafty decorators are placing Poms in lieu of a mobile in nurseries, and others are just using large Pom and lantern arrangements for bursts of color.

a la ohdeedoh {Ashley Ann Photography}

Tissue paper Pom Poms are relatively easy to DIY.  And many great Etsy sellers craft gorgeous looks-like-handmade versions as well.  Martha Stewart for Wal-Mart has created perfect (but of course) accordion lanterns and eyelet lanterns. And check out Luna Bazaar for a fabulous selection of paper lanterns.

{Covet Garden via The Style Files}


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  1. It is really a great idea! Such creativeness, I really love those lanterns.

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