Pet Rock Escort Cards

{image a la love & lavender}

Now this is one smart bride.  Escort cards, seating cards and charts, etc. – these are the last minute items on your I’m-Days-Away-From-The-Wedding agenda.  I applaud every bride who pulls together perfect escort cards, because, truth be told, your guest list and seating chart aren’t finalized until the bitter end.  And days before your big day, there is nothing more stressful than gluing fabric pinwheels to vintage tags (thanks hubby – I couldn’t have done it without you!)

But with the above seating chart, all you need is a sharpie and a rock – bad handwriting is encouraged – the cuter the better.  Plus, what a perfect keepsake – everybody needs a pet rock.

And below … pictures of my handwritten (scribbled) escort cards.

{our wedding images a la photography on the road}


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