Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies

I am dreaming of peanut butter and jelly (with the crusts cut off).

Perhaps it’s the advent of marshmallow fluff into our kitchen (my hubby re-discovered fluff and the two are spoon-deep in a torrid love affair … its a surprise he eats anything else).  Of course, the addition of fluff into our house would leave me craving jelly, but I’m weird like that.

And so I have dreamed up peanut butter and jelly cookies – a traditional twist on a traditional classic.  And they exist!

I’m especially enthralled by this recipe, which sandwiches jelly and a rich peanut butter concoction between not one, but two peanut butter cookies.  Sold!  (Just don’t look at the calories.)

Side note:  DO check out  Such great recipes and ideas!  Now on to 20 Low-Fat Desserts; I’m all over it.



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