new hair resolutions

This year I went with some ambitious new year’s resolutions:

1.  Cut back on the diet soda.

2.  Lay off the flat iron.

More on that … Since the joyous advent of the flat iron into my life circa freshman year of college, my hair has glowed like the hair every curly-haired girl dreams of, and endured some serious damage.  So this year I vow to iron less.  This week I let my hair airdry (twice!), and found myself twisting the curls into a plastic claw by my second cup of coffee [here’s the math – that’s a whopping hour and a half au naturale … nothing to squeal about.]

I don’t know what it is – the urge is inexplicable.  I can wake up with a gorgeous head of loose waves, the kind women spend absurd amounts of money on “sea spray” and “wave definer”, and yet, I must clip.  When I iron, I commit to that look.  Perhaps I fear the dreaded clip dent left in cosmetically-created “straight” hair.

But then, thank the heavens, I stumbled across these adorable (and simple) updos.  Tomorrow, I’m thinking braided pigtails safety-pinned behind my head.  I could wind up looking either like, a.) a Free People model, or b.) a dairy farmer.  My guess is the latter – but it can’t hurt to try!

Check out this great double braid how-to!

Images from Court and Hudson

Watch Free People’s fishtail braid how-to!

And take a look at this double knot hair how-to; so sweet, so simple.



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