My Quest For A Hat

Is it weird that I desperately want a Panama Hat (or fedora)?

It all began in Rhodes – Greece, to be exact. I honed in on my perfect Country take-away (slang for tacky souvenir). The straw fedora. It spoke to me. I imagined myself playing bridge and rocking a snazzy tracksuit. I wanted that hat. And it was too big. And then it rained.

And thus began my quest for that perfect fedora. Then, my friend, We ndi, looked fabulous in a straw fedora complete with striped ribbon (a la Urban Outfitters) – sold out.

So my fruitless search continues. My head looks silly in a tight-lipped hat; every chic blogger looks savvy in same hat.

And so I look on. Is $68 too much for a hat I may or may not look like a Golden Girl in?  Survey says:  yes.

Try the J.Crew Panama Hat on for yourself, and go on, look fabulous.



  1. looove panama hats! I wanted one so badly – bought from J.Crew last year, but even the ML was too small for my extra-large sized head. it was tragic.

    i’m still hunting for mine… good luck to you!


  2. Bethany

    I’ve been dying for one of these as well! We can never find what we want when we want it. 🙁

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