Hilary Duff Stole My (Dream) Bag

{image a la batchplease.com}

ohmagosh, I seriously want this bag.  I thought I’d get over it.  I mean, the bag came out in 2009 … it’s 2011!  I never harp on anything this long.  I wanted gaucho pants for maybe 2 minutes before I realized parachute chic was anything but.  I dreamed of silly bandz until I saw them on a 4 year old – over it.  I wore rocket dogs in high school (that’s my excuse), but Britney Spears still wears hers (2010), and I threw all of my high school gear in a Leave Britney Alone! bonfire.

But this bag – it’s perfect.  The bronze studs, the luxe pebbled leather, and the addition of the crossbody strap – the newly updated Alexander Wang Rocco Bag is bliss.  I really really want it!


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