Disco Stick (USB Brilliance)

{image a la coolest-gadgets.com}

I should just title this post:  Lady Gaga is a Marketing Genius.

Apparently, way back when in 2010, Lady Gaga released a limited number of USB drives, titled The Fame USB.  The USB contained The Fame album, live tracks and remixes, rare tracks, video clips, Gaga images, lyrics and more.  The small number of USB’s (allegedly only 100 were released) sold out immediately in Australia, and were not marketed anywhere else.

Swallow sadness.

But seriously – how genius is a musical USB?  CD’s are dying a slow death, just as casette tapes, 8-tracks, and records saw better days.  Short of releasing all music on a pure internet platform, USB’s might be the next best thing.

Gaga, of course, created the most darling Gaga-mini-me wrapping for her USB – all the more reason to hunt desperately online for those listed for re-sale.

{Emily of Little Black Book scored the perfect birthday gift:  the uber-rare USB}


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