baked apple chunks

This may sound unbelievably simple, but I always cook down leftover fruit.  In particular, I am an apple fiend.  But I also food shop with my stomach, and inevitably buy too much of … everything.  And there always seems to be an overage of apples.

I like baking the chunked fruit.  It works as perfect pie filling, served warm with fat free cool whip, or chilled as chunky applesauce.

So here it is…

peel your apples (by the way, this is the perfect excuse to use banged up and older fruit)

core and cut your apples into cubes

forget uniformity, just chop away

ingredients: sugar-free syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, fake low-calorie butter

throw spices in liberally

toss all ingredients together in a bowl

spread the mixture into a baking dish

bake at 350 degrees until the apples smell yummy

I served the warm apples in ramekins with cold cool whip – fat free and so yummy!


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  1. Lyssa B.

    I’m def. gonna try!

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