2011 Glamour Glambassador

I was just selected as a 2011 GLAMOUR Glambassador!!  Second year in a row!

And I get asked pretty frequently – How Do You Become a Glambassador?

I actually learned about the program two years ago when I saw an ad in GLAMOUR magazine.  Updates are also available on:  www.glamalert.com.

Per GLAMOUR’s description:

As a GLAMBASSADOR, you will receive the latest fashion and beauty products for FREE to test them and 
share your thoughts
, receive VIP access to private industry events
, appear in advertorials in the magazine
, co-host events and more!

GLAMOUR is looking for only the best of the best in the industry, as only a
 select few will be chosen to become part of this group. Go to glamalert.com/glambassador to sign-up for consideration.

I had to submit an online application which included lots of information about myself, my interest in writing and fashion, an essay, photos of myself, and a video.  Once I became a 2010 Glambassador, I got frequent e-mails and occasional group conference calls where we discussed the latest promotions and trends.  I also got a bunch of great FREE stuff in the mail to test-drive (i.e., giftcards, Oil of Olay beauty products, Maybelline Makeup samples, hair care, skincare, even a brand new pair of New Balance TrueBalance sneakers.)  And I get an exclusive invite to a bunch of great sales, fashion shows and events.

Obviously, this is the best unpaid job EVER!!



  1. Congrats! I was selected as a 2011 Glambassador as well! This is my first year and I’m excited about what’s to come!

    • It’s such a great experience! Your website design is fabulous, by the way. Did you design it yourself?

      • Thank you! I didn’t design it myself. I had ideas about what I wanted it to look like and worked with an illustrator and web designer who brought my ideas to life.

  2. Erica

    Congrats!!! I was also selected to be a 2011 Glambassador! This is my first year and I’m SO excited to be part of it; but yet don’t know what to expect! 🙂

  3. Alissa

    I was also selected as a first-year Glambassador. Congrats to you!

    Have you joined the Facebook page? I wasn’t sent a friend request, but I requested them and still haven’t been added yet. I hope I’m not missing anything!

    • Me neither! Its making me nervous. But everyone is saying the same thing, so hopefully we can join soon!

      • You guys haven’t missed anything yet. Everyone’s just posting that they are excited about being selected. Hopefully, you’ll be added soon!

      • Have you guys been added yet? They posted info.

  4. Angela

    Hi ladies! I was chosen too, but haven’t heard anything since the initial email. Have you girls heard any updates? I can’t find the FB page anymore either.

    Take care!

    • There was a conference call – but you didn’t miss much. Add Glammy Glambassador on Facebook – that way you can stay in the loop. 🙂

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  6. Tamara

    First let me say, I absolutely LOVE your blog design and content! Second, that I am a fellow Glambassador! I love your idea here of having a Page that showcases other Glambassadors with blogs… That said, I would be honored if you would include me in your Glambassador blogroll. Cheers,
    Oh, and CONGRATS on getting married!

    • I just added you to my Glambassador blogroll! Thanks so much for visiting and of course, I’m so glad you like my blog! If you have any blog marketing tips, I’m all ears. xox

  7. Hello! I’ve been a Glambassador since the inception of the program in 2008. Would love to connect!

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