Truffle Butter

truffle oil truffle butter

My fabulous friend and bridesmaid, Isabel, bought me a truffle butter and truffle oil from Williams Sonoma as a shower gift, and unfortunately for me, she knows me all too well.  I am addicted to the stuff.  Thankfully, I kept those babies sealed until after the big day, and now my husband is stuck with me (though he’s not complaining – he likes my cooking.)  Aside from truffle butters and oils being a tad caloric and on the pricey side, it’s just so darn good.  So far I am a truffle novice – I baked a white macaroni and cheese with it, and have tried it on french fries (Baked, I promise!)

I searched truffle butter on the internet and found a lot of recipes for truffle butter risotto…definitely next on my list.  A little bit of parmigiano reggiano, chicken stock, and white wine, and you’re there!  I think marriage has upped the ante on my chef aspirations.  Not to mention all of those wedding gift cards to Williams Sonoma – man, I love that store!



  1. Nina

    You should try Truffle Salt. I’ve been using it on eggs lately – amazinggggg! My mother in law picked it up at a spice store in Mizner Park.

    PS – love your blog!

    • Awesome idea! (And definitely a skinnier version of butter/oil.)

      So excited you love the blog!! Thank you!

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