Seating Cards in a Bottle

a la Martha Stewart Weddings


Beach-themed wedding?  Take a swing at these adorable messages in a bottle.

A la Martha Stewart (DIY wedding genius):

This escort-card display is clever and inexpensive. To create it, purchase a miniature cork-topped vial for every guest (steer clear of tapered necks, since they make note-removal difficult). Write the name on one side of a 2-by-3-inch piece of paper and the table number on the other. Roll up the paper and slide it into a bottle with the name facing outward, and cork it. Then fill a shallow glass dish with sand, and arrange the bottles so that the writing is visible. Lastly, scatter in small seashells. Note: For large events, use several dishes and organize by letter. What you’ll Need: Specialty Bottle glass vial VC4C. Jamali Floral & Garden Supplies low glass cylinder KF801100.

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