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Forgot to diet the past 11 months?  Don’t sweat it (too much).

Check out Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method.
The fitness guru’s debut book ($16) details her superpowered, at-home regimen with clear instructions and explanations of each workout move, a cardio DVD, and a menu plan.  Plus, look for the foreward by pal, Gwyneth Paltrow.

The book includes tons of recipes — she even shares her breakfast quinoa porridge with apple compote exclusively with Daily Candy.

From one enthused reviewer:  “I am a total fan of Tracy Anderson, and her unique approach to fitness. Her program is totally different than anything you’ve ever tried! It’s all about working your small/accessory muscles to create what Tracy calls a “teeny tiny” body that’s feminine and curvy.”

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Rebecca Minkoff has just announced that the brand will be coming out with a line of shoes (finally!)  Many of the glitzy heels are nude and baubled – perfect for wedding day bliss!  Ahh, if only these gorgeous pumps came out a little sooner.

RM is debuting a part of the line in the Spring 2011 offering.  The 25-piece collection will have a broad range of styles and will be priced from around $160 to $395.

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