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How gorgeous is this frilly concoction?  This dress reminds me of the wedding dresses I used to try to make for my Barbies from fabric and lace scraps; albeit, this one is better.

This lovely layered dress is from custom gown designer Tashina Hunter.


gel polish

My local nail salon started carrying a line of gel nail polishes a few months back.  I took the plunge and tried the gel polish for my wedding.  I went with a french manicure.

The low down:  the gel polish is so pretty.  The gel colors are extra glossy and the colors are all bold.  The manicure lasts about two weeks, though I am noticing that the darker solid colors can last up to three weeks. One of my favorite features of the semi-permanent paint – once you have stuck your hands under the UV light, there is no chance of chipping, smudging, or any potential oops.  I purse dive for my cell phone the second my gel manicure is finished (in the salon chair).

The pros:  Long-lasting, fabulous, and hypoallergenic!  Nails stay gorgeous and grow healthy and strong beneath the polish over the two to three week period.

The cons:  Sometimes the actual paint can crack – but that seems to run more true in the lighter colors.  As your nails grow out, nail beds start to show, and the polish is best removed back at the salon.  (Note to self:  must avoid peeling the polish off with my teeth.)  Also, the salon-only service is a tad pricier than a regular manicure.

This week I went with Shadow Black…


Olivia Palermo for

photo a la

From T Magazine, New York Times Blog:

Last week, Google unveiled its e-commerce fashion venture,, at the heart of which are online stores curated by celebrities and tastemakers. The Moment asked Olivia Palermo, whose boutique is already the second most followed, about her involvement with the much ballyhooed new site. “The process was a ton of fun,” Palermo said, “but I actually spent hours playing with it. It’s quite addictive!” No stranger to online shopping, Palermo has mostly been browsing on and for Giambattista Valli, Christopher Kane and the French label Maje to feature in her boutique, her goal being to make scouring the racks easy and accessible for shoppers with similar taste. “Whether it’s a Marchesa gown straight off the runway or a basic Topshop piece, everything is at your fingertips,” she says. She appreciates Google’s complex algorithms, which show browsers alternative items should the ones they want be unavailable or too pricey. The downside? “It’s accessible and free — until you start buying all the items you find.”


Truffle Butter

truffle oil truffle butter

My fabulous friend and bridesmaid, Isabel, bought me a truffle butter and truffle oil from Williams Sonoma as a shower gift, and unfortunately for me, she knows me all too well.  I am addicted to the stuff.  Thankfully, I kept those babies sealed until after the big day, and now my husband is stuck with me (though he’s not complaining – he likes my cooking.)  Aside from truffle butters and oils being a tad caloric and on the pricey side, it’s just so darn good.  So far I am a truffle novice – I baked a white macaroni and cheese with it, and have tried it on french fries (Baked, I promise!)

I searched truffle butter on the internet and found a lot of recipes for truffle butter risotto…definitely next on my list.  A little bit of parmigiano reggiano, chicken stock, and white wine, and you’re there!  I think marriage has upped the ante on my chef aspirations.  Not to mention all of those wedding gift cards to Williams Sonoma – man, I love that store!


winter showgirls

Free People created this year’s holiday displays in major Free People stores with these glamorous showgirl-inspired vintage photographs.  So pretty!

a la Free People Blog

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